The last two weeks have been very busy, conducting closed trials, fixing bugs, engaging with more customers and finally most importantly reaching out to users for their feedback. ( I will urge users to share their feedback by sending an email . We will soon integrate Uservoice into our system. )

We also have started a survey, trying to understand what educators and teachers think of virtual labs. If you are a teacher or if you know a teacher, we would request you to take the survey or send the survey across. It will take only 1/2 a minute to do this.

If you leave your details, we will get back to you with 2 things

1. The final survey report

2. A complimentary access to the full features of DoCircuits

Meanwhile, please help us by spreading the word for DoCircuits. We welcome you, your friends to try out do circuits.

BTW, We are now on twitter – follow us on ‘docircuits’.